[OpenM2M] How much data does my device consume?

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[OpenM2M] How much data does my device consume?

Post by openm2m » 07 Jun 2018, 13:41

To assist you in picking the right data plan we have made some calculations to help you judge exactly how much your IoT device uses (like GPS tracker, car tracker, alarm system, outdoor sensors, etc). The exact usage shall vary by the frequency of the data transmitted, usually you can configure this frequency yourself. A subscription of 1 to 10MB might not sound like a lot but for these applications it is actually quite sufficient.

With the calculation below we estimate usage of 1KB per update, which is common in such devices.

You have a tracker in your car and you drive 4 hours a day and 5 days a week.
In this case we estimate that your GPS tracker sends an update every 5 minutes, thus 12 times an hour.
4 hours x 21 workdays = 84 hours (a month)
84 x 12 = 1008 KiloBytes (less than 1 Megabyte)

In this case a 1MB subscription would be sufficient.
We advise you to start small and simply adjust your subscription accordingly.

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